Assembly Instructions

You'll need to use the included mallet, furniture blankets, and a block of wood or folded up cardboard. Only takes 15 minutes total!


Carefully unpack all three cartons. Next, double over a furniture blanket, laying it on a smooth floor surface. Use both furniture blankets if it is a hard floor surface. Then lay your table top upsidedown on the blanket(s).

Match the dots

Match the colored dots on your table legs with the dots by the corner fasteners. Line-up the two fasteners for each leg & gently push the legs down.

Mallet time!

Place a block of wood or folded up cardboard to protect the leg bottom & use the mallet to tap each leg in place. Both sides of the fasteners should be flush. Then install a stick-on felt slider to each leg.

Your table is done!

Set the table upright

Cover the top with both furniture blankets. Place each chair bottom upside down on your cushioned table. Match up the front legs by the colored dots, gently pushing each leg into its fastener. Then tap each leg into place until both fastener parts are flush. Repeat for each chair bottom.

Nearly done!

Match up the chair backs & bottoms by the colored dots. Position the chair bottom so its back is overhanging the table top. Line-up the three fasteners for the chair back, then using the mallet tap first in the middle of the chair back. Continue tapping on both sides until all three fasteners are flush. Repeat for each chair. Install a felt slider on each leg.

High five!

Celebrate your accomplishment & intact relationship!

Guess what?

Disassembly is easy too.

For disassembly instructions refer to our FAQs.